My name is Felix Rieseberg, I am a Startup Developer Evangelist with Microsoft based in San Francisco.



I provide technical and strategic council to tech startups exploring unchartered territory. If you're setting sails, I will be there to make sure you rock the Web, Windows 8, Windows Phone or Windows Azure.


Things I do
I build apps! I'm particularly excited about JavaScript app development with Node.js, WinJS or other frameworks - either for the web, mobile clients or as pseudo-native apps (if you read German, go buy my JS/HTML5 app development for Windows 8 book on Amazon). I have built things like the open-sourced Node.js multiplayer shooter Node Mayhem, the browser-based cluster solution AdFree or the scripted home automation JARVIS.

C#, especially used for app development for Windows Phone/Windows 8 or Unity game development, is also within my reach. I'm the single developer behind Awesome Zombie Sniper, a simple 3D game downloaded by more than 600,000 players.

Other things I like include web app server technologies (LAMP and all it's fancy grandchildren like nginx), I still consider PHP a useful language and currently run my own stuff on a W/IIS8.
I specialize in application backends (IaaS/PaaS) and can help you run Unix and Windows VMs, use backend building blocks or consumer cloud services - if you're interested in Windows Azure, get in touch with me.
Things I did
I got my startup experience leading the German Apfeltalk.de magazine as Executive Editor, where we served 12 million monthly users everything they needed to know about iOS and Mac OS. I'm proud to say that our small startup team took the website from a small community to one of the biggest tech sites in Europe; and I'll never forget the feeling when we moved into our first office.

Wanting to experience the other side, I joined Microsoft Germany in 2011 to help developers be successful with app development on Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

Before that, I worked as a freelancer building web applications, as Web Lead with advertising agency TFY, and as New Media Research Associate with the ICM at the University of Duesseldorf.

Academically, I graduated from the MSc program at the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute, researching at the intersection of sociology, law, economics, and computer science. Before that, I studied at the University of Duesseldorf, where I also spend some time as visiting lecturer for app development.



Get in touch! I love to meet interesting people and see awesome technology.

Get in touch!


I do believe that few things are on par with a face to face meeting. I live and work in San Francisco, spending most of my time at coworking spaces, incubators and other locations where founders, coders and hackers huddle together. As a caffeine addict, I am always happy to discuss projects over espresso!


Please send your papery mail, carrier pigeons and bottle messages to:

Felix Rieseberg


1065 La Avenida St

Mountain View, CA 94043